Monday, December 15, 2008


We've been sort of negligent lately about keeping this blog up to date, so here's a quick update.
We had a great Thanksgiving in California with Steve's parents and brothers. Kendra and her boyfriend Skot came too, and sister Diana and her husband Don drove in from Palm Desert to help us cheer on the Ducks in the Civil War game the day after Thanksgiving. It was a great game, with a final amazing score of 65-38!! It was a busy week, but great to be with so many of the family that we don't often see.

Steve left directly from Long Beach for Texas, and I came back home to work. Today I'm working at home as we got hit with snow and below freezing temperatures, and the roads are a mess. I have to say, teleconferences are a lot more tolerable when you can gaze out the window at the chickadees testing the strength of the ice on the pond, and the towhees digging in the snow for seeds. The snow is pretty, though not very thick. It never got above 28 today, but enough of it melted that we are expecting more ice on the roads tomorrow. I was feeling very jealous of the 70 degree temps they were having at the ranch, but today it's 35 there!