Our Route

Follow the map pins to see where we've been. To see a larger version of the maps, click on the open box symbol, second from the right in the black bar, at the top right of each map.

2017 Season
Return route from Nevada back to Texas

From Texas to Nevada

2016 Season
We finally got the map going again. It is always a challenge with Google maps, and they've changed things a bit. The Trailmaster is in charge of the map this year, and he's discovered "layers", so each of the legs of the trip (sections) is a different layer. This means the stops for each layer are itemized with A thru . . whatever, and then start over again with A at the beginning of the next leg.
This is the first "leg", up to where we are now. The second layer will be the trip home.

2015 Season

2013 Season

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