Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

It's been a long week, with temperatures hovering between 10 and 30 degrees keeping water lines (and my fingers) unfrozen has been a major effort. We're warmed up now..... expecting a high today of 40 degrees! We had ice pellets and rain last night and there's something falling right now, but at 6 AM it's still dark and only 31, and I haven't worked up the courage to go outside and look. The trailer passed all the cold with flying colors I must say. I think I've been more comfy than many of my coworkers who live in drafty frame houses with inadequate electric heating. The birds at my feeders have been eating me out of house and home, and I found they've been very appreciative of the pound cake that didn't come out quite right, in addition to huge quantities of sunflower seed. They're going to miss me when we move out.

I have to say the most unexpected event of the week was a visit from the Goshen Fire Department. I was watching some crazy Danny DeVito Christmas movie when I started hearing sirens.... which didn't fit the movie, so I went outside to check it out.... a glow in the distance looked like flashing emergency lights, and low and behold,(insert the choir of angels singing) around the corner came three fire dept. vehicles - a full hook and ladder, a pumper and a van.... all decorated with Christmas lights. I waved at the one in front and out jumped a guy with a bag of candy canes - we wished each other Merry Christmas, and I thanked him and all the guys for all they do, and then I waved at the others as they passed by. They continued on around the loop blowing their horn and tweaking the siren........ a unique training exercise I'd say! and what fun!! Probably the closest I'll come to attending a Christmas parade this year.