Saturday, June 18, 2011

Burro Creek Campground, AZ

Steve discovered this little oasis by just browsing one of his favorite websites that indexes government campgrounds. We like the BLM areas as they are usually uncrowded and offer great scenery. Burrow Creek is definately up to our standards.
Our site, from the picnic shelter
Burrow Creek Campground is just south of Wikieup, just off of hwy. 93. The gravel road leading  down to the campground is lined with lime green paloverde trees and creosote bushes. Many of the cholla, barrel and saguaro cactus that dot the hillsides are still in bloom. When we entered the campground we dropped down to just a little under 2,000 feet in elevation, so it was warm (it got up to 103) but cooled down nicely during the night. The sites here are spacious and amazingly level, and the restrooms and tables with shades are very nice. We suspect in milder weather it’s often pretty busy, but on this visit we were one of only three occupied sites.

Riverbank view
Our site overlooked the river – what a delightful sight in this weather! The water of course attracts a variety of birds and we had quite a game going trying to identify all the odd bird and bug noises we were hearing. In spite of the heat and water we didn’t have much in the way of annoying bug - no flies to speak of, and mosquitoes didn’t come out until well after dark.

Burrow Creek is quite old, geologically speaking. It has cut deeply through sedimentary and volcanic material, which makes for a colorful hillside. The craggy volcanic rock provides nice niches for bird nests, and the softer sedimentary is full of small holes – homes for the bats we saw sailing around at sunset. There’s a trail on both ends of the camp with access through the stock fence so you can get down to the river. You may meet a few cattle along the way, but they’re friendly.

Typical of BLM campgrounds there are no services at the sites so it was a good opportunity to test the new solar system. I'm happy to report the solar system passed with flying colors, keeping our portable frig, several fans, and the TV all running at once during peak sun hours. Steve happily spent the afternoon turning things on and tracking the usage and recovery capabilities. It’s always nice when a project turns out the way it was planned!

We have only a short drive planned for Saturday. We’ll be staying in Boulder City for a couple of days to catch up on mundane activities like laundry and grocery shopping. See last year's post for info on the Elks Club where we'll be staying. More photos from the area here.

Classic Arizona sunset

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